Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PhD: some of us already got it!


yes, its true...its been the unknown journey to all of us (PhD geek's), and yet, some of them have pass through it, maybe with flying colors, with no correction, and some of them, with minor correction, and yet, if there any major correction, it still pass...

and last Wednesday, Dr-to-be Ranya, has become Dr Ranya, and congratulation to her...and tomorrow, a week after PhD-with-minor-correction, she and some other friend has invited all the group member to the BBQ dinner, as kesyukuran...alhamdulillah...hopefully she will be succeed in her life after this..

orait, just want to share a good new, hopefully, in the next 2 and half years, i'll be titled as she do...huhu~


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